Michèle DC, Khajuraho Temple (India)

A small glance at a life of travelling, expeditions, meetings & achievements.

One never achieves a lifepath alone… it is just the result of years of education, sharing, learning be it with parents, generous loving grand-parents, the teaching of professors,  sharing with friends and a multitude of meetings which pave the way & nourish one’s curiosity & open-mindedness.


Photography goes combined with this open-mindedness in my life. It is inherited from my early age & took a primary role once I closed the chapter of a most exciting & energy consuming career in the financial world.
My gratitude goes to life for making it a thrilling journey  meeting so many marvellous people on my way.

Be it for a small instant or a longer moment, times of sharing have always proved intense and I wish to thank all those kind hearted people who have been walking part of the journey with me.
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