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San Bernardino GalaxyCurrently working & shaping my babies site :  San Bernardino 
San Bernardino Kids
DVD Gandhi
My latest creation live & broadcasted…clic on DVD left
or the link  Gandhi van ‘t Hof ten Eynder to attend the ‘Première’… 🙂
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Yesss…. August, 8th till 10th Helsinki surely was THE place to be!!!
A major happening took place in this tremendous, exciting, vibrant city i.e. Helsinki!
More than 20,000 dogs enrolled… participants from all over the world… the opportunity to get together with friends and share a coffee, breakfast or lunch talking about our passion… what else?

Imaani van 't Hof ten Eynder93 Sint-Bernards running the competition on Ring 85 and I was so happy to capture these exclusive moments 🙂
My little girl’s sister made it to the moon with an exceptional friend, Britt Marit from Norway!
Congrats to this awesome duo!

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